Switch between Lite and Full version of the App

This guide will help you upgrade to the full version or downgrade to lite version fo the Jira app.

Lite vs Full

Version 4.0.0 introduces a new flavour of the app, namely Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite, this new lite version is functionally the same as the existing server version of the app but with some key differences.

Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite Jenkins Integration for Jira
Paid vs Free Free Paid
Support Best effort support SLA based support
Jira Server
Jira Data Center
Jira Cloud

There are also some features differences highlighted on the Features page.

The new lite version of the app was introduces to make it easier for users to get an SLA based support subscription on the Server version of the app while at the same time keeping it available for those that don’t want/need SLA based support. It also makes it possible to add paid extensions to the integration app that would require a support subscription on the main ‘Jenkins Integration for Jira’ app.

Upgrading from Lite to Full

Upgrading is as easy as disabling/uninstalling Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite and enabling/installing Jenkins Integration for Jira.

Downgrading from Lite to Full

Downgrading is just as easy as upgrading, but in reverse, simply disable/uninstall Jenkins Integration for Jira and enable/install Jenkins Integration for Jira - Lite.

Disabling the full version of the app will cause extension add-on(s) to be disabled as well since those require features specific to the full version of the app.