Jenkins Integration for Jira

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Before you upgrade

Determine the upgrade path
  • When upgrading from earlier than 3.0.0, follow this path:
  • When upgrading from earlier than 4.7.0, follow this path:
  • When upgrading from 4.6.1 and newer, follow this path:


  • Added JQL support as Issue selector for automation actions.
  • Addressed bug in Job based rule conditions.


  • Extended support to all Jira project types.
  • Fixed bug in parameter issue fields configuration.


  • Support triggering builds through a Workflow Post Function.
  • Improvements to the automated migration workflow.


  • Moved synchronize all build to a feature flag.


  • Data Retention Period for Jobs and Builds marked as deleted.
  • Unified Configuration Page
  • Support User ID instead of Display Name when triggering a build.
  • Introduction on the Trigger Jenkins Build permission.
  • Improved feedback when triggering a build.
  • Support triggering a build of a parameterized job.


  • Automation via Rule Execute Engine
  • Jira 8.15 support
  • Corrected handling of build-less jobs in panels
  • Improved issue event handling.


  • Removed support for unlimited builds per page setting.


  • Adopt Atlassian Pocketknife QueryDSL API for Data Access
  • Improved Site URL validation


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in Site Name.


  • Data Migration from Server to Cloud via Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA).
  • Support Sync Token authentication for data synchronization.


  • Improved build indexing performance
  • JQL support for Jenkins build results
  • Moved ‘Jenkins Integration’ from Applications menu to Manage Apps menu


  • Added support to disable issue indexing


  • Addressed duplicate synchronization operation executions


  • Restored support for IE11


  • Support for Jira 8.8
  • Support issue key extraction from git branch names


  • Support for Jira 8.7
  • Timestamp Rendering Bugfix


  • Deployment environment parser bugfix
  • Deletion of large data sets as once.


  • Dynamic UI elements feature

    Dynamically show, or hide, UI elements based on available builds data.

  • New bulk job operations

    This release adds new operations to enable and disable jobs in bulk.

  • Improved performance of the site management pages

    Installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.8.0 is required for private Jenkins.

    Load times of the site management pages are improved. It’s now easier and faster to locate and manage jobs on a site.

  • This release adds help links to the pages in the administration section to quickly just over to the documentation for contextual help.


  • Release Report Integration Bugfix


  • Support for Rule based Automation Extension

    This requires the installation of Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira.

    Finally some automation to streamline work in Jira based on build activity and results. This requires the installation of the extension add-on Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira.

  • Bulk job operations.

    This release introduces a new management feature that allows administrators to perform operations, like clear/rebuild build cache, on multiple jobs.

  • Load incomplete synchronization operations on startup.

    The app will not load any non-finished synchronization operation and queue it again for processing.


  • Single Node Cluster Block Synchronization Bugfix


  • UI Improvements

    This release includes UI improvements and updates, and includes a promo page for the coming automation app.


  • Support Jenkins Sites Behind a Firewall

    This requires the installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.6.0

    Finally Jenkins sites behind a Firewall get some love. The app will no longer be required to access Jenkins, but will instead wait for trigger events containing data from Jenkins. Version 3.6.0 of the Jira Integration for Jenkins plug-in needs to be installed on Jenkins so that Jenkins will push all required data to the app whenever a Job is created, update, moved or renamed, as well as built.


  • Support re-registering Jira with Jenkins sites


  • Performance Improvements

    Improvements have been made in the querying of build data when viewing an issue in an effort the load time of build panels on the view issue screen in Jira.

  • Use tree parameter to limit data requests to Jenkins

    Updates have been made to the integration to now use the tree parameter of Jenkins in the API invocations to limit the data set returned and thus the load on Jenkins.


  • Data Center Approved

    As of version 3.8.0 the Jenkins Integration for Jira app is approved by Atlassian for Data Center deployments.


  • Support Jira 8.0
  • Improved Jira Data Center Support



  • Preparation for Data Center Approval

    This release includes an effort to get the add-on data center approved. There is still a long way to go to get data center approved, but this release sets the first step with separated deployments for Server and Data Center.

  • Performance Improvements for Triggering Build Completions.

    This release brings an effort to improve the performance when Jenkins notifies Jira of a completed build.


  • Performance Improvements to Data Migration

    This requires the installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.4.0

    This release includes an effort to improve the performance of data migration when upgrading from a pre 3.x version of the app.


  • Improved Build Completed Notifications Handling

    This requires the installation of Jira Integration for Jenkins version 3.4.0

    Build completed notifications handling has been improved to only include Jenkins jobs that either own the build itself, or are a parent of the job owning the build that completed. This should reduce the load the add-on generated on your Jenkins instance.

  • New Build Panels

    This version adds additional panels that add Jenkins build data in context when viewing an issue on an Agile Board.


  • Synchronization Optimalizations.

    Optimalizations in the synchronization process have been added to lighten the load on Jira as well as Jenkins.

    • Single builds can now be synchronized (this requires the 3.2.0 version of the Jira Integration for Jenkins add-on),
    • Administrators can select whether they want to synchronize all builds of a job (default), or only the once that have not been synchronized before.
    • Sites that have the Jira Integration for Jenkins add-on installed will no longer be processed in the hourly synchronization job.
  • Improved Administration UI.

    The administration pages have been redesigned in an effort to improve the usability for larger deployments. The single page has been split into two pages, one to manage all Sites with edit and delete features, and one to manage a single site that also includes job released management features.


  • Activity Stream icon loading bugfix


  • Jira 7.9 Support
  • Use User Filter on Activity Stream


  • URL Generation bugfix



This version requires that Jira Integration for Jenkins - 3.1.0 is installed in Jenkins before this version is installed in Jira.

  • Jenkins Job name encoding bugfix


  • Blocked synchronization bugfix


  • Jira 7.6 Support
  • Fixed Build Filter on Oracle Databases


  • MySQL bugfix


  • MSSQL bugfix


  • New Data Model

    This release brings a new data structure to better support storing data from Jenkins Site, Job and Build. During the installation the add-on will take care of upgrading the data structure. At no point will the add-on delete existing data, all data in copied to the new structure leaving the old structure unchanged!

  • JWT based Sync-Token

    Sync-Token is required to securely communicate with the Jenkins plug-in version 3.0.0 and newer.