Use case: Transition issue when work starts

We have all seen this from time to time, developers that eagerly start work on a new story but don’t update them to reflect this. Automatically transitioning issues linked to a build can make sure issues in Jira reflect the actual state, even when developers forget.

The Rule

After you installed the add-ons, you are ready to configure your first Rule.

  • From the top navigation in Jira, choose Gear Icon > Manage Apps.
  • Choose Jenkins Integration > Automation and click on the Add Rule button.
  • Specify a meaningful name, like Transition issue when work starts.
  • Select Build Synchronized as the event that triggers the rule and click Add.
  • Select Transition Issue action, and click Add.
  • Select the Target status to transition the issue to, in this case In Progress.
  • Specify the Transition Pattern to select a single transition when multiple are available, in this case we use pattern ^In Progress$ as the pattern to select the transition with the exact name In Progress.
  • Select Linked to a Build as the issue selector method.
  • Provide a Comment to be added if the issue transitioned
    Work has started in [[build.displayName]].
  • You should have a rule that looks similar to the one in screenshot below.
  • Click on Save to store and activate the rule.
Use case: Transition issue when work starts

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