Jenkins to Jira Path Access Permissions

Jenkins notifies Jira when a build in completed. It does this be accessing http(s)://[][/jira.context]/rest/jenkins/latest/*

Data send to Jira depends on how the Jenkins site is registered in Jira.

  • In case the site is registered as an accessible site, then it’s an empty trigger for Jira app to synchronize a newly completed build.
  • In case the site is registered as an inaccessible site, then the trigger contains the data the Jira app needs to synchronize and index the build.

Jira to Jenkins Path Access Permissions

Below lists the paths that the Jira app will access in a configured Jenkins site.

[GET] plugin/jira-integration/ping.html is used to check if the Jira Integration plug-in is installed on the Jenkins site.

[POST] jji/register/ is used to register the Jira site with the Jenkins site.

[POST] jji/unregister/ is used to unregister the Jira site with the Jenkins site, done when a site is deleted in Jira.

[GET] **/api/json/ is used to collect job and build data from Jenkins.

[POST] **/jji/build/ is used to trigger a new build of a job on Jenkins.

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